Exchanging letters
By dreamreadandwrite
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Melanie and Landon are at opposite sides of the world, but one thing that they have in common is that they are the outcasts in their school. When their counselors suggest they exchange letters as part of a new programme, they have mixed feelings. For Landon, who has Asperger's, it is excitement and fear. He wants to make a new friend because he doesn't have any, but he isn't sure whether his pen pal would like his awkward and weird self. For Melanie, who has depression and anxiety, it is dread. She doesn't trust easily and likes to bottle up her feelings. Why should she tell them to a stranger 15 000 km away? Yet something inside her longs to be listened to, and she is secretly very lonely because all her friends had left her when her mental health started to deteriorate. Their correspondence marks the start of a beautiful friendship as they talk about anything like the struggles of being an outcast and the wonders of life. A book that will make you smile and cry. Note: The subjects in the book may be heavy, but this book isn't for you to cry your heart out. It's for you to be grateful and better empathise with the different people in the world. **this book is CLEAN, with no bad (swear) words. (perfect for innocent ppl like me lol)


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by dreamreadandwrite