Winning Over His He...
By SunshineBandito
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Laney's first day at Gresham industries should have been exciting. After such a weary beginning, her life finally seemed to be on track. That is, until a chance accident ruins her perfectly planned first impressions. Nevertheless, she has been in worse situations. In the mean time, though, she should probably work on holding her tongue. A novel from SunshineBandito by Maxwell P. Styles.🌻 Happy reading and remember to Vote, comment and share! 🥇 The New Authors Awards 2020 🥇 Dragon Fire Awards 🥉 place in The Casia Flair Awards 🥉 in Eternal Awards 40/50 in Romance for Strawberry Glaze 74/100 in Chicklit in Aurora Awards 🥈 in The Shadow Mask Awards 🥈The Library Awards 2020 🥇First Place The Bookie Awards in Romance 🥇 place in Rising Star Awards in Chicklit 🏆Runner-up in Red Ruby awards 🥉 Chicklit in The Magical Awards Third place The Rose Quarz awards 2021


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Winning O...
by SunshineBandito