His son has the ric...
By Yumeruri
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Firstly I do not own this work, I just want to translate some stories that stopped/or still have no English translation. I've been really bored/tired well whatever you call it during the pandemic and want to share some interesting stories UwU. This is my first time doing this so have patience with me and hopefully you'll be with me through this journey. I've been tired and fed up for now on Danmei about rebirth/Multiple worlds/transmigration😅 break for now so here's a description of this fluffy story: After spending half a year in the province, Cheng Yang took a luxurious cruise for seven days. Accidentally hooked up with a CEO on the way. Later, Cheng Yang found out that he was pregnant. Just as Cheng Yang was preparing to secretly give birth to the baby, it was a coincidence that he fell asleep in the big president's bed. It's impossible to run with the ball, his man is handsome and rich. Must cling tightly and can't be torn down. Associated Names Tā érzi yǒu gè yì wàn shǒufù diē 他儿子有个亿万首富爹 Genre Drama Romance School Life Slice of Life Yaoi Tags[ ] Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Modern Day Mpreg Pregnancy Wealthy Characters from NovelUpdates

Chapter 1 betrayed by friends?

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His son h...
by Yumeruri