Impact | #1
By Aella_Grey
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❝ You deserve the love you keep giving to everyone else. ❞ - The first emotion to fill Victoria Hunt when she was told about her father and step mothers passing, relief. But like every good emotion she'd felt over fourteen years, it came to an end quickly. The cause of it this time was being told she would have to live with brothers she never knew she had. It could be a fresh start, a chance to move on and finally have a real family. But the deeper she looks into eyes that stare back at her with empty promises and sweet spoken lies, she realizes that although she was never set for a good future, this one, might just be one she can't face. But families are supposed to stay together right? So through spilt blood and secrets and traitorous acts, surely even that can't stop DNA. It's an unspoken rule when you're a Hunt, no time for loyalty, no time for decisions on if you'd die for them, it's just a simple fact. You were born together so love or not, you must die together. For her sake, she should grasp onto that sooner rather than later. - Highest Rankings : #1 in brother #1 in support #1 in confidence #2 in siblings


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Impact |...
by Aella_Grey