North America Gang...
By hellllllnah
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(What to know: this book started out as a vine book, but eventually it turned into an actual story) Do you like high levels of bullsh*t? Perhaps a nice serving of wholesome friendship? With a little bit of bromance to top it off? Then you gotta meet North America: Canada: the slightly sane one with a big heart and tendency to be ignored America: the loud mouthed older brother who doesn't think before he does something stupid Mexico: the also loud mouthed roommate who has enough sense to know a stupid idea but not enough sense to not go through with it And finally, Greenland: the reluctant mother Strap in because it can go from 0-60 real fast. Read at your own risk : D (Cover art by me) WARNING! - cursing! - Offensive humor! - maybe (possibly) politics! (Hopefully not) - this is not meant to offend! I am simply doing this for fun and don't want to hurt peoples feelings! If you get offended by something I write, just tell me and I will delete it! Thank you #1 northamerica 14/11 #1 Ironic 11/11 #1 mexico 1/15

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North Ame...
by hellllllnah