Leap of Faith
By Tara676
  • Teen Fiction
  • adventure
  • canada
  • college
  • comedy
  • diverselit
  • fantasy
  • friends
  • fun
  • heroine
  • jump
  • malemc
  • mute
  • notebook
  • poc
  • rhea
  • romance
  • romcom
  • slowburn
  • strength
  • superhero
  • superpowers
  • thirdperson
  • university
  • urbanfantasy
  • vancouver


Rhea Crawford possesses the ability to leap at great heights and distances. Having said superpower since she was young, Rhea doesn't hesitate using her abilities to assist others in need. Due to her actions, she establishes a reputation among grateful citizens. After a couple of years, Marcus Cordova finally has the chance to study abroad his country. With a determined heart, he looks forward in living independently from his family. Everything goes just as planned, but he least expects coming across a girl gifted with an extraordinary leaping ability, accompanied by a mysterious cat. Another interesting thing about her is that she can only communicate through her expressions and a notebook. Fate is always known to intertwine two people for a reason, and so Marcus is determined to find out why. Rating: PG-14 *** *Irregular updates*

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Leap of F...
by Tara676