IL Mio Mondo (Devot...
By MiraHarlson
  • Romance
  • adultery
  • africa
  • agegap
  • badbitch
  • bisexual
  • bwwm
  • chicklit
  • desire
  • erotic
  • faithful
  • forbidden
  • highschool
  • lgbt
  • love
  • nigeria
  • obsession
  • olderman
  • passion
  • power
  • seduction
  • sexy
  • teacher
  • teen
  • teenfiction


When Liliana Albert makes a bet with her new friends to seduce the principal she has no idea what she is getting herself into. ••••• Emiliano Antonio is flawlessly charismatic, and blazingly passionate. The man wreaks of all the power, opulence, and class the world could ever have. After a rebellious act of love he gets married to the ever simple Beverly who carries more baggage than the word itself. He loves her still, he loves every scar on her body and soul and has sworn to be by her side forever. He loves her like she is his god. When the ever beautiful goddess Lily enrolls into his school and is hellbent on seducing him, he becomes determined to ignore her. How far can Emiliano's love for Beverly take him when he is being pursued by the young, beautiful Lily who can never take no for an answer, and is unrelenting in her seduction. Would she bring him to his kneels or would he? This story tells a tale of Will. Who would submit in the end? Started 13 June 2020


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IL Mio Mo...
by MiraHarlson