Two Sides Of The St...
By Potato_Qween12
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L. Heartfilia ~ "I'm fine" she's not fine. But are any of us actually fine? We're living in a world we are told 'To be loved' you have to meet society's expectations. I don't want to me their expectations, I want to be me. So I am, what's wrong with that? N. Dragneel ~ "I'm happy" does the fake smile give it away? You would think after all these years it wouldn't. I met the worlds expectations; it took years to finally do it. I'm not me, that changed a long time ago. A shy girl who wants to be herself, but with the whole world judging you, for being you. How long can you keep it up? A broken boy who's been hurt so much he gave up. He don't what was wrong with happiness until they took it away from him. So he forgets what it meant to be happy. The Wannabe The fake. I don't own Fairytail!


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Two Sides...
by Potato_Qween12