The Accompanist
By BobaBunnies
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"You should have seen the way he looked at you during your performance." Violin virtuoso Marinette Dupain-Cheng is left having to find a new accompanist after breaking up with her boyfriend, Félix, who also happened to be her old accompanist. One day, the violinist crosses paths with a certain pianist: Adrien Agreste, Félix's cousin. Although she disliked the idea of playing with another person from Félix's family, it's not like she had a choice--her next performance was in a week. However, once she gets to know Adrien more, her perspective of him begins to change--especially when she learns about the mystery regarding his parents' death. ⚠Trigger warning: domestic abuse, murder, and sensitive topics regarding depression/suicidal behaviors are addressed in this story⚠ 🌸Cover art by me, please do not steal!🌸 🚨ON HIATUS🚨

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The Accom...
by BobaBunnies