Heaven can wait
By glambertybear
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Tell the angels no, I don't want to leave my baby alone I don't want nobody else to hold you That's the chance I'll take Baby I'll stay, Heaven can wait No, if the angels took me from this earth I would tell them bring me back to her It's a chance I'll take, maybe I'll stay Heaven can wait Adam Lambert lived with his son Adam and he used to be married, but unfortunately one night his husband left without saying goodbye. Tommy Jackson is the son of Michael Jackson and he love to sing, fashion, and party. He also love dogs. He has two best friends name Sauli and Javi. He also has a loving boyfriend who he love so much. One day at the college Adam start his new job as the new music teacher and he becomes best friend with Michael who's the assistant music teacher. When Adam meet Michael son Tommy, he can sense that Tommy doesn't like him for some reason. After spending so much time with each other, Adam and Michael begins to date but not everyone is too happy about them dating. But when a dark secret is revealed, Tommy does everything that he can to protect his father. ~Based on Heaven Can Wait by Michael Jackson~

It is time to wake up you two

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Heaven ca...
by glambertybear