Ghost Boy [ TordTom...
By HentaiiLoverrr
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Edd has passed away due to cancer. Tom and Matt are in deep grief and sorrow, they are devastated that they're best friend had passed away, the trio and sunken to a duo. Aside that, they had to stop their mourning and pay attention to the real world. Thank god that when they bought the house, Edd bought the house instead of renting it. So they didn't have to worry about rent. But they had to worry about their daily necessities. Edd was the one to buy and provide things for them, since he had always earned money with his animations. Meanwhile Edd had just arrived and a place of clouds, and white colours everywhere. After, the flash of light he had thought it would be the last of him. The golden Gates in front of him slowly opened, And he walked in. He saw angels? Some were playing the harp, some were children running here and there. It looked exactly like earth, except the floor was all full of clouds. He walked around in awe of the magnificent place until him bumped into someone with horns for hair a red hoodie. Begun: 13 June 2020 Status: Ongoing Warnings, will include gore at times and smut if you want. The characters shan't have their real names as for respect. Edd Gould= Edd Gold Matt Hargreaves= Matt Harvard Tom Ridgewell= Tom Ridgewall Tord Larsson= Tord Larson The following characters listed here belong to Edd Gould. Only the plot belongs to me.

Edd's Deathbed

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Ghost Boy...
by HentaiiLoverrr