Lost in You ( yizha...
By kinestAR2010010102
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after getting admitted in university, Xiao Zhan is recognized as a warm hearted boy who looks as good as the morning sun, whose smile is enough to lighten up someones stoic demeanour and melt the most frozen of hearts. But little does his surrounders know how deep his heart is. they always see the warm smiling boy but he is so much more than that. his heart is a deep ocean full of secrets , hiding infinite sadness, pain and insecurities. after starting his university life he meets a boy called Wang yibo or mostly known as 'ice cold prince.' Xiao zhan can't stop thinking about yibo even when he tries his not to.Same goes for yibo who tries his best to ignore the warm fluttering feelings inside his heart when he meets with zhan's sunlit smile and maintain his cold arrogant aura. will their destinies meet? will they really be able to ignore their feelings for eachother long enough or they will end up in disaster? Guys i hope u enjoy reading! And do point out if u find any mistakes as this is the first time im writing a Wang Yibo and Xiao zhan fanfic.


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Lost in Y...
by kinestAR2010010102