The Princess of Ice...
By Nine_iscutepup
  • Fantasy
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  • ice
  • icekingdom
  • iceprincess
  • prince-vampire
  • slowromance
  • strong-female-character
  • vampire


A princess born with power. The power is the blessing or curse that will depend on the princess as how she used it. When she was born, the kingdom of the princess starts snowing which could not melt but the temperature of the kingdom was normal for the citizen of the kingdom. the kingdom starts knowing as the ice kingdom. The princess not just born with powers but also one of the most beautiful girl in the kingdom that she even suppresses her own mother's beauty. She is talented with sword, politics, history.... unlike any other princesses. ----- He is a first prince of the darkest kingdom, the kingdom of vampires, he is a successor of vampires..... but because of his younger brother he has to leave the kingdom with his men to think of a plan to get back his rights. He is devilishly handsome but cold to the people who want to harm him and his loved once, might be otherworldly handsome but never show any interest in women's. He always is indifferent. While looking for a place to stay and prepare for war against his own Kingdom, he comes to kingdom Siberia. There he encounters the ice princess and again falls for her. Find out how these two accomplish their plans and love, see how these two cold personalities become warm-hearted only for each other. ---------- book cover source: Pinterest


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The Princ...
by Nine_iscutepup