The Revengers (Loki...
By CheeseOnToast4
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'Freedom is life's great lie, once you accept that, in your heart, you will know peace.' They led the same life. Both faced the same struggles, yet that was no coincidence. Bor, Father of Odin, always told the witches of the prophecy. The prophecy of two misunderstood souls, falling in love and becoming the strongest beings in the galaxy. Of course, he didn't know that. Neither did she. But, one way or another, the prophecy would be fulfilled. Follow the story of (Y/n) and the Revengers (Jane Foster, Thor Odinson, Valkyrie, Loki Laufeyson) on their epic adventure around the galaxy. (Includes all of the Avengers) (Loki x Reader) -I do not own the MCU or its characters, they belong to Marvel and Disney -cover has recently changed! -I hope you like the story, please comment and vote if you like itttt -Finally completed -I'm still editing, but I'm being speedy (I hope) -Content Warnings at the start of any triggering chapters (or other kinds of warnings needed to be placed)

Chapter 1: Through the Wormhole

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The Reven...
by CheeseOnToast4