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By vernaclay
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There's nothing extraordinary about Eve Applegate--or is there? Theodore Baldwin knows the answer to that question is a resounding--YES--she's very special! The fate of the world rests in her hands and his mission is to protect her! If he fails, the earth is doomed. And the fact that Eve is doing everything in her power to avoid him, is not conducive to solving the world's dilemma. He needs a plan--quick, and comes up with the perfect one. Will she fall for his scheme? NOTE FOR READERS: This story was written during 2010-2011. After I received the rights back from the publisher a few years ago, I did not republish it. However, because I so enjoyed Eve and Theo's story, I decided to do some major revisions and publish it on wattpad. Please note that the places visited and mysteries cited are real. Of course, many of the interpretations are my own and written for entertainment. However, I would encourage readers to do their own research into these mind-blowing mysteries.

Encounter (Spring 2011)

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by vernaclay