Nobody Knows (Comin...
By Vibrantly_sassy
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Seliene is the perfect mixture of crazy, awkward, and sweet. With her curious nature and clumsy personality, she ends up in trouble all the time. But that doesn't stop her from seeing the beauty in everything, even if that is Arsen Wimberley who apparently has a cold scowl imprinted over his face. Arsen had everything in his life until he lost the one thing that mattered the most to him. Now living in a cage of emotionless and suffering from trust issues, the only purpose of his life is to get the answers he seeks for. What happens when these two different people come together? Of course, a disaster arises. One is trying to push the other away while the other is too curious to even care about death glares and threats directed at her. Infused with paint fights, sneaking out late night, wild parties, crazy best friends and car chases with scary men in black suits that seem like they belong to a secret agency, this story is a mix romance, comedy, and tragedy.

i n t r o d u c t i o n

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Nobody Kn...
by Vibrantly_sassy