A second chance( Yo...
By bunmi67
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Kang soo hwa is just a nobody, a low life kid well she just wants to die...not a reason for her to live at all..Her brother got married to meanie (her sister in law) and she has a brother who hurts her (Kang soo hwa) physically and emotional too. Her world turns upside down when she meets a dog at her hiding spot. she talks to it and enjoys its company as she doesn't realize that it owner listens to her conversation with his dog( by accident ). He is Jungkook. He's friend followed him to see where he often went with his dog...and he was mesmerized by the girl her saw.....( Yoongi ). An unfriendly incident happens to her ....which leaves her on the verge of dying. Will she get "A SECOND CHANCE " or leave her misery behind... Read for more details

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A second...
by bunmi67