They Call Her Dange...
By AnnaQuill
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  • supernatural


STELLA MANSFIELD, has been a bit of an odd ball since birth. With the ability to read minds, and see into the past by simply touching a person's body, she's a well engineered the wrong hands. However; when the FBI recruits her to work alongside their finest homicide detective to help close cold cases that have been opened for years, her gift may not seem so weird after all. JONES TAYLOR, may not be the 'happiest' homicide detective in town, but he sure as heck gets the job done. He's one of the best, and always on top of his game, but if he's being honest, there are even SOME cases that he just can't crack. And to pour more salt on an open wound, his bosses decide to overstate the fact that he's not that great by bringing in the woman known as STELLA MANSFIELD a.k.a, 'Stella the Freak,' who's rumored to be able to read minds, and see within the past of a person - preferably the dead.


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They Call...
by AnnaQuill