The Callous And The...
By ekonorra
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A sixteen year old girl with an extraordinary past - a forgotten past. Conceited and bold is what they call her. Isla Robinson, a girl who is fond of a great adventure, is rebellious and care-free with no limits - until an unexpected ordeal she barely recalls. A traumatic incident that plays violently with her emotions, colouring her every action as she succumbs to her many night terrors, flashbacks, anxiety attacks and depression, allowing their reign on her world. Callous was what she ventured to call him. He's a boy who idolizes Albert Einstein, yet has the features of being heartless, uptight and cold. Not your typical bad boy but a sixteen-year-old prodigy. A young man who lacks the ability to feel for others and is often found alone with a book in hand. He writes his future with great ambition but forgets to make memories of the present. He relies on one principle, 'You have to learn the rules of the game and then you have to play better than everyone else.' But little do these two know that just a few months are all they need to overcome the shadows they live; as the most participate in a series of nerve wrecking events : first breakups, kayaking, rock climbing, first confessions, cliff jumping and finally opening up to one another. ✡ Awards Achieved ✡ 2nd placing in the Rare Awards 1st placing in the Thriller Club Awards 1st placing in the Concealed Voices Awards

the one with the cast

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The Callo...
by ekonorra