Dark Desire🖤
By Riha_Subha1624
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Ever heard of 'Opposites Attract'? This is the kind of story,which will absolutely prove that famed phrase correct. A true story,based on true facts and events occurred in the character's lives. Eran D'Souza,a carefree soul,and a best friend to all of his mates who no longer believes in the word, 'Love' and ended up disliking the females because of his horrible past. Rose Farooqui,an extremely sensitive girl,and a very conservative human being who is a famous writer on an online app. She doesn't make a lot of friends because of a terrible betrayal faced in her past,gifted with a dark character with a different story,a complete opposite one compared to the present. So what do you think will happen if she really falls in love? What if they cross paths? An 'Idontcare' guy,and a romantic mysterious lady? Read to find out🖤😉

Chapter 01

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Dark Desi...
by Riha_Subha1624