Before the Rain
By ofcrimeandpassion
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*~*~* This is a completed story! *~*~* Los Angeles. City of Dreams, right? For Calista Travis, it sure seemed like it would be. After a few rough years with her husband Rob, Calista is ready to enjoy their new home in the Hollywood Hills. She hoped that they would meet some of their neighbors and become friends with them. But she got way more than she had been expecting on the quiet street. John Taylor had lived in his Hollywood Hills home with his wife Gela for a few years. They were both busy and successful people that many looked up to. Their lives to any outsider looked perfectly idyllic. But something was wrong, and they didn't even realize it. When the Taylor's and Travis' met on their street, it seemed innocent and neighborly. In an instant, something clicked between Calista and John. They were fast friends, but more was bubbling under the surface. Until Ron became jealous, possessive, and abusive. That was when their lives became permanently entangled. A storm was brewing. But none of them expected the deluge that ensued. *•*+*~* Don't forget to follow me, like my stories, and comment! I LOVE the feedback! ❤️ *^+_~**

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Before th...
by ofcrimeandpassion