His Persephone (Ten...
By EyesFineDry
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If Shigaraki ever loved someone, he'd either be a total yandere bitch baby or a yandere who worships the ground his lover walked on, so for this, it'll be the latter as he loves and dotes on you, his kidnapped queen. After all, he stole a hidden treasure, the daughter of All Might has been kidnapped; though this kidnapper simply wishes to dote on and worship his prize, for how long can this stolen treasure resist the urge she has to love him? WARNING: MAJOR MANGA SPOILERS, MATURE CONTENT, AND KIDNAPPING (This is meant to loosely follow the plot of the myth "The Kidnap of Persephone" based on the interpretation I've been taught, this is not meant to offend anyone and I am well aware that their beginning is more than a little toxic. I do not own any of the characters aside from F/N, M/N, and two surprises for later, and this is a fanfiction, meant for fun).

Chapter One: She Will Be Mine

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His Perse...
by EyesFineDry