School Life Melodie...
By Roverflame
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You are Kwon Y/N, son of a prominent family of musicians who entered South Korea's most prestigious musical academy. Heading to your school with newfound expectations, you expect a fulfilling school life that will cater to your skills and interests towards your future. Little did you know, that your stay in this academy will not only be about your passion for music, but a start of a budding experience that will forever change your cold heart. This is an interactive book wherein you can choose which story you want to follow depending on your choices. Notes: - I will only focus on the stories for Chaewon, Yena, Minju and Sakura throughout the book. If your bias in iz*one is not among these four, then I apologize in advance. - Other members of iz*one will still appear in the story, but only as supporting characters to the four heroines. - Some of the characters in this book may have different personalities compared to their real life counterparts, so expect these changes as you read along. - Since this is my first book, your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated, as I'll try to improve my writing as I continue with the updates. - Lastly, I hope you enjoy my story and happy reading!


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School Li...
by Roverflame