What the....? Reinc...
By Miri_Mariana
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[ Currently in editing ] A 14-old-girl was crossing the road suddenly a huge truck came her way, she then stopped in the middle of the road, was she frozen in fear? The girl smiled, her rosy lips only uttered 4 words... " Time to get isekai'd " Suddenly, a young man that looked to be in his twenties ran into the middle of the road and shouted: " Watch out " they rolled down the concrete floor with the man protecting the small girl in his hands. The man breathed out. At this point, it even hurt to breathe ' but one good thing came out of it' thought the man 'my sister will finally acknowledge me, she might even say she loves me' a smug smile spreads across his face. The little girl had already gotten up, she was shaking ' was she scared? ' she turned around to face the man that lay there. She looked.....angry She began screaming at him in all manner of curses. He couldn't hear anything as he slowly embraced the darkness. Then she said it; the one word he heard; the only word he thought he would never hear her say. "......I HATE YOU!....." '.....Why?......' ' I saved your life...Sis ' ' What more do I have to do.....to make you love me? ' A tear ran down his lifeless cheek as the rest of his consciences was enveloped in darkness. [ Currently in editing ]

{ • Chapter - 1.1 • }

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What the...
by Miri_Mariana