rise of the new mar...
By DenizSara132
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  • momoyayorozu
  • myheroacademia
  • ochacouraraka
  • onepiece


A world where 95 percent of the world developed quirks. the arrival of quirks caused violence in the entire world. shortly after the appearance of first villains, heroes came. however, they were not enough on their own. so with the help of many nations. Thousands of heroes gathered together and formed the quirk navy. they were first backed up by 20 governments, but after a century they became a global force of justice that operated all around the world with their leaders being the best of them. together with the help of individual hero groups and local forces of the governments. However, as all action has a reaction; with their growing power, their enemies also get stronger. this is the story of a man who is willing to shift this fragile balance of the world for the sake of good and true justice.


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rise of t...
by DenizSara132