Ten Minutes
By ameesaAhlam
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"You have already ruined my life, what else do you want?", I barked at him. "Ten minutes", he muttered. "What?", I asked as I was unable to hear him properly. "I want ten minutes a week to spend with my daughter, just ten minutes, nothing else", he requested in a desperate tone. _________________________________________ A 22-year-old, Cicilia Holland was living a peaceful and a simple life with her parents and an elder brother. And to add to her happiness, she got a small job at a publishing firm. To celebrate it, she decided to visit a club and have some 'fun', but her life took a turn when that 'fun' turned into something dangerous. She got raped, only to find out weeks later that she is pregnant. Hopelessly she turns towards her family, who considering her story to be false and regarding her a disgrace throw her out of the house. Struggling to survive with a small job, a tiny apartment and a few months old daughter she decided to forget her past and move on. But life had other plans for her as her rapist, Sebastian Arnold comes back as the owner of the multi-billionaire company, with a request of 'Ten Minutes'. Most impressive ranking: #16 in Romance


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Ten Minut...
by ameesaAhlam