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Fleur Delacour was a girl only seen but not heard, living with the curse of people being attracted to her appearance, due to the inheritance of her grandmother, but she was willing to prove that she was more than a pretty face, and while boys constantly pestered her in school she did her best to excel in school and when the announcement came that Beauxbatons would be competing in the tri wizard tournament Fleur knew it was her chance to prove herself, but what she didn't know was that the real test was after the damned tournament, when she decided to go and live in England just in the beginning of a war. Will she find the courage to stay and finally open her heart to someone who can see beyond her magical charms Note:I am trying a little experiment with this story having some of the dialogues be in French and other languages except if they take place on Beauxbatons(due to the multilingua translation charm which also applies to the language of writing of the story which is English) and scenes taking place in England. Translation in the comments

Jour 1

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