Strange Naughty Riv...
By LAmerica06
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Cain lived a harsh life but since he is smart and diligent he got a free admission to a famous university. He learned that people are truly harsh and selfish. He was praised for being handsome, smart and diligent on the outside but was being laugh from behind. His only oasis in this school is the lovely and kind flower, Andrea, who always gave him a smile and support him. What he hates the most is Rook. Andrea's childhood sweetheart and also Andrea's fiance. Cain didn't graduate due to a false charge against him when he hit Rook in the face. He was expelled and have to work to send money to his grandma back home. His life is full of ups and down. Until he died overworking. When he returns in time he is elated. He decided to be more wiser. But strangely, Rook is being naughty.


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Strange N...
by LAmerica06