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By shslenby
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"My dear Y/N... you still haven't realized it yet, have you?" Y/N and her siblings lived happily together in the home they called Grace Field. Y/N's best friends were young geniuses, though, Y/N was not. She was just an average kid. Y/N felt quite inferior to her friends, causing her to be a more reserved and insecure child. Y O U Knowledge is a double edged sword. With enlightenment comes great sorrow... And Y/N and her friends soon find that out. A R E From locked in to caged down, to liberation via the truth, to developing confusing feelings on the way. Does learning the truth truly set you free...? ONE Did this confusing yet horrifying journey really change them for the better? OF And, did learning the truth about yourself open your eyes to the cruel and unmerciful world? US ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ This story uses she/her pronouns. Planning on changing them to gender neutral soon. ⚠︎︎ Manga spoilers beyond chapter twelve ⚠︎︎ [HIATUS]

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