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By _doubletrouble__
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Ever thought what if you could see ghosts? In fact what if you fall in love with one? When an arrogant rock star- Manik Malhotra witnesses an accident, he gets chased by a notorious ghost- Nandini Murthy. At first he freaks out at the sight of her and tries every possible means to get rid of her. But she sticks to him and pesters him to find her dead body. "I just want you to find my dead body. I think that's the only way I will be able to descend to heaven.", said Nandini. "Do you think I am a detective? Go and find a ghost detective to get your work done. Don't chase after me or just die.", Manik retorted angrily. "I am already dead.", Nandini said equally glaring him. "Okay then-", He paused."die again." He had seen ghosts almost for half his life and yet he hated them; even the mention of them irritated him. But then she happened. She was a notorious ghost and he was an arrogant rock star. She spread positivity and he was used to negativity. She was chasing him and he was running away. She was a ghost in distress and he just happened to be her only hope. |A love story written in theirs stars and sealed by their fireflies.| I lost my everything and I found him instead. So I have no regrets. ~Nandini I thought forever were lies but then I met her. ~Manik *Click read and be a part of their freaking love story. And trust us it's just not going to be romance, it's going to be FREAKING ROMANCE!!*

i n t r o d u c t i o n

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MaNan- Fr...
by _doubletrouble__