Purgatory (bxb)
By lilingppg007
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TRIGGER WARNING: MENTIONS OF SUICIDE AND SELF-HARM When his father turned his back on the family, leaving them to pick up the pieces of their relationship, Nicholas Carter turned to the three people in life he knew would never leave him- his mother, his best friend Aiden and his brother Chris. Aiden left the country a few years later, while Chris left the world of the living. Now after the death of his brother, left with nowhere else to turn, with nothing but a strong hatred for himself and everything around him, Nick has given up all hope on love and trust. Even so, he is faced with a dilemma: Live, but he would forever live his life in torment. Die, but he cannot bring himself to abandon his mother the same way Chris abandoned them. With the return of his childhood friend and a stranger who just can't seem to keep his nose to himself, will Nick ever be able to find a way out of his Purgatory? A/N I'm back :)

A/N: Published!

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by lilingppg007