Love from Afar
By Prudyevelyn
  • Romance
  • accident
  • christianity
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  • contemporary
  • faith
  • family
  • forgiveness
  • godly
  • guilt
  • highschool
  • hope
  • jesus
  • love
  • misery
  • music
  • pain
  • passion
  • peace
  • rejection
  • romance
  • spiritual
  • sweetlove
  • truelove


Cecilia Evans, is known as an Eastridge Academy Music diva, until that fateful New year's eve when her once perfected life is rudely shaken. Rejected by those who are dear to her, and filled with an unmerited guilt for having survived unscathed, she has to face her fears and inner tumors alone. Though, her only resort remains, HIM. Unknown to her, lurking deep in the shadows is someone who has an unrequited love for her but she doesn't recognise his true intentions and judges him wrongly. Is his love so strong, so true, to overcome all hurdles to finally win her heart completely even though it's from afar? Read to find out! ~Cover proudly made by Vinita_cookie 3rd place winner in Emerald Gems Awards 2020


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Love from...
by Prudyevelyn