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"It's not about what she wants, it's about what we want, Dalton," his name rolls off my tongue and I realise it's been so long since I've said it. Between myself and Stella, we call him The Poltergeist. Because he won't get out of my life. "It's not what I want," Dalton comes closer to me, and I want to retreat back but I'm already pressed against the counter. He stops just in front of me and nods down to my mug, "that's mine." "You can have it if you sign," I counter back, "you can have anything. This house, my car, everything." I leave the mug beside the sink before I start to move back to the front door. After months of refusing to sign the divorce papers: In an effort to stay in Rosie's life, he finally agrees to sign, on one condition: he shall retain 50% ownership of their bakery. Baffled by her husband's sudden interest in her small town bakery, she agrees to the terms to be finally rid of their failed marriage. Little does Rosie know, it'll be the best mistake she'll ever make.

Chapter 1

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