The Unordinary Ordi...
By shyaholicc
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In the Advanced Nurturing High School, Kiyotaka Ayanokoji accidentally fell down the empty stairs and appeared in another world, without the obstruction of other people, Ayanokoji instantly decided to live an ordinary life. In a world with quirks, the dream of his fellow quirkless companion is to be admitted to UA? Ayanokoji: I am an ordinary person and wish to live the life of an ordinary person. I think UA High School's general department is very suitable for me. All Might: Congratulations Ayanokoji, you have been accepted to join the hero department! In a world with gifts, his companion who comes from the same orphanage can turn into a white tiger? Ayanokoji: I have no gift, I think working at the cafe downstairs of the detective agency is more suitable for me. Dazai: The detective agency decided to let you join with Atsushi, aren't you happy? In a world with seven kings, the new friend he met turned out to be the Silver King who lost his memories? Ayanokoji: I heard that Scepter 4 has good welfare, high salaries and they are civil servants. Please give me a chance to join! The Blue King: I have no ability to take over the new Gold King. Ayanokoji: I somehow feel that something went wrong with my plan...

Chapter 1: Hero

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The Unord...
by shyaholicc