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Thoughts are quite dangerous things; fleeting one moment and drowning us the other. A tangle of fine web that slowly entraps us; influencing our speech and actions. And when woven together, it presents a tale of unwavering love. "The setting sun, the moon and the stars were the witness to our love in Kamyaka Forest as they are now. If you truly love me as I love you, then fate will have to bend before our love. The Gods won't let any other woman be my wife before you become mine and I become yours." Of self discovery. "You carry the three gunas in harmony, a feat not even achieved by primodial deities." Of ambitions. "May you not fail as the suta king did." Of navigating through various relations. "Let this be a lesson on how to string beads together, Nakulamohini; a lesson from one palace woman to another." Of an ordinary girl's journey through time to become extraordinary. Abhijishya - Nakulamohini - Dhruvi Flip through the pages to unravel the essence of Dhi. . . . DISCLAIMER: THIS WORK IS PURELY FICTIONAL AND DOES NOT CLAIM MYTHOLOGICAL OR HISTORICAL ACCURACY IN ANY WAY. MOST OF THE CHARACTERS ARE TAKEN FROM THE MAHABHARATA EPIC AND OTHER FOLK TALES. THE AUTHOR DOES NOT MEAN ANY DISRESPECT OR OFFENCE TO ANY CASTE, RELIGION AND PERSON. THE ONLY OBJECTIVE OF THIS FICTION IS ENTERTAINMENT AND CREATIVE INDEPENDENCE. THE ABOVE DISCLAIMER IS PREVALENT FOR THE ENTIRE WORK. { Most impressive ranking : #8 in time out of 38.2 K stories.} 03.09.2020 {#1 in mahabharat out of 592 stories} 10.12.2020 {#31 in mythology out of 20.5 K stories} 10.12.2020 {#1 in Krishna out of 803 stories} 04.11.2020 Cover Credits : @CeciliaMohandas #PenAndInkAwards

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