When You Switch Upo...
By BobaBunnies
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After Adrien discovers his father is Hawkmoth, the two of them get into a fight and Adrien runs away from home. That same night, Marinette makes a wish for Adrien to have a better life. Chaos emerges and Marinette's wish comes true when an akuma goes out of control, sending our heroes to an alternate universe where their lives are swapped. Unknown to the fact that their lives have been swapped, Adrien and Marinette (also known as Misterbug and Lady Noire) try their best to adapt to this strange world. However, their new lives only prove to be more difficult. (Writing and Art Collab) Swapped AU, character designs, cover art, and story editing by: papabearexe Story by: BobaBunnies Big thanks to my other editor/proofreader Nina💕 ⚠Art belongs to @papa.bear.exe on Instagram. Please do not repost!!⚠ *Takes place after season 3. May contain spoilers if you are not caught up!*

Chapter 1

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When You...
by BobaBunnies