An Undying Love - C...
By Something13000
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Clove has been training for the Hunger Games since she was 6. She has always dreamed of winning the Hunger Games but she knew she needed to when her father left them with little to no money. Cato has trained for the Hunger Games since he was 8. Nearly everyone in his family has volunteered for the Hunger Games and most have come home as victors. His family always pressures him to win the Hunger Games and come home as a victor. Cato and Clove have despised each other for the longest time. What happens when they enter the 74th Hunger Games together? Sorry for the terrible description. I'm horrible at them. Please read anyways. ALL OF THE CHARACTERS ARE OWNED BY SUZANNE COLLINS. I ONLY OWN SOME OF THE PLOT NOT ALL OF IT.

Author's Note

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An Undyin...
by Something13000