Secret Feelings (La...
By Larrys_Girl
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For as long as Harry Styles can remember, he has known that he likes both girls and boys. He is now eighteen years old and goes to high school with his best friends. During his youth, he's been with both sexes. Not many people know about this, though. His closest friends only think he likes girls, and Harry has never bothered to tell them otherwise. However, it all gets complicated for Harry when he suddenly starts crushing on one of his best friends, Louis Tomlinson because Louis is the biggest ladies' man of them all. Will Harry ever get his feelings reciprocated, or will he end up having to move on? © 2020, Pauline (Larrys_Girl), All Rights Reserved. Highest Rankings: #1 in Larry 29/11-20 #1 in Harrystyles 8/3-22 #1 in Stylinson 29/11-20 #1 in Tomlinson 2/2-22 #1 in Louis 23/2-22 #2 in Highschool 19/12-20 #9 in Wattpad 10/12-20 #9 in Boyxboy 15/3-22


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Secret Fe...
by Larrys_Girl