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  • Romance
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  • angel
  • anger
  • bond
  • dangerous
  • darkromance
  • dehradun
  • devil
  • family
  • fight
  • friendship
  • humiliation
  • indian
  • kainat
  • love
  • mine
  • misunderstanding
  • possessive
  • punishment
  • rebel
  • regret
  • revenge
  • reyhan
  • rivalry
  • survival


Reyhan Raizada , a 23 year old boy has returned from San Francisco after completing his studies to Dehradun , his hometown. And on his return he finds that his sister has been hospitalized. Kainat Singhania , a 17 year old innocent but rebellious girl who just finished her 12th board exams rebels over most of the things. In her view one should live the life to its fullest. Both of their families have been rivals since years but a misunderstanding leads the two individuals from rival families to a lifelong bond. He ruins her dignity because his sister's dignity was ruined by her brother. He breaks her , humiliates her and makes her life hell as revenge. But who knew he was the one gonna regret it later. He got satisfaction from her pain but knew it wasn't right. He loved her tears but his heart becomes restless. She became a broken soul and he was the one to make her like that. All this due to misunderstanding.

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