Luckiest unlucky ad...
By Mais2hod
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"I'm an unlucky adventurer who accidentally got transported to another world and worked for an entertainment company while finding my way back." This was supposed to be the name of this story but wattpad letter limit pulled out a stop uno card on me. Based on the original name, this was made to be like one of those isekai stories where the plot is literally summarized by the title itself. You ended up in another world, still retaining your powers but by no means are the powers enhanced when you got transported. Though you can use simple basic magic, you cannot use magics that require chants so good luck finding a way back. I'm sorry for the first 3 chapters as they are the chapters I did for world building. I like to establish a good foundation on your background story first and how you end up in another world. TWICE will make their appearance at the 2nd half of the 4th chapter, please bear with me. I also apologize for not being creative with the cover, I just don't have the skills to make an epic one :( UPDATE: WE NOW HAVE A COVER Sooo... Yeah, hope you enjoy my first work.

Chapter 1

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by Mais2hod