How I Seduced My Be...
By unbreakablefighter
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Addison "Adi" has had a crush on Greg , the cutest, sweetest boy in East High School since like forever.He's straight and she's not. He's a virgin and she's not. She's a player and he's not. Except things start to change when she has growing feelings for him, feelings she wouldn't want to discuss about. When she finds out that her bestfriend, Nicole "Nicky" is going out with Greg, she feels jealous..Very jealous. That''s when things get very ugly.. Adi wants Greg while Greg is totally in love with Nicky. The only thing that Adi can do is seduce Greg. But can she do it, knowing that her bestfriend is dating him? Can she break her heat just to get a guy? Most of all, will she ACTUALLY cross her limits? Hmm. Only time will tell. This story covers all the most important things in a girl's life.. Things that actually mean a lot to her.. Things that she possibly can't live without : Friendship, Money, Love, Boys and Sex.

How I Seduced My Bestfriend's Boyfriend [NEW PROLOGUE!!]

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How I Sed...
by unbreakablefighter