Harry Potter One Sh...
By Mystic_Nightmare075
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Just a bunch of one shots of our favourite characters from a magical series. So, I probably wont write about any of the characters from Fantastic Beats or any of the next generation, simply because I am not very knowledgeable on either of these sets of characters. I also wont write any about Snape. He was a horrible character, and you cant change my mind. Also, this will probably contain a bunch about the marauders(except Peter) because I love them. I will be taking requests, so feel free to send me a private message with the character and a scenario and I will do my best. Some of these will probably suck, I'm sorry. Also, I will try and make this as non-house-specific as possible, but sometimes it just works best of the character and reader are in the same house. But, I will say at the top of each chapter if the reader is in a specific house.


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Harry Pot...
by Mystic_Nightmare075