Unknown Savior
By niyatastic
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unknown savior - Lana has always been loved countless by her family. They were the only ones who showered her pure love she also did the same to all but what did she get ? Her parents were murdered by her maternal and paternal family combined . Their thirst for fame , money , power and inheritance overides their love for the condor's . Lana figured out and ran away from home. Her family got her and hurt her but still escaped . She got memorable scars in her heart that wouldn't heal. Her heart wouldn't be able to bear anything called love . Meeting Edward Hayes, a rich and famous man would change her life . Falling in love with him and he falling for her. Edward Hayes dies on her birthday which drives her into depression , guilt and wanting not to love anymore . Her enemies are on the search for her to finally complete their mission by killing her . Their attempt had been futile then it began progressing. Unknowingly, someone was on the look out for her , sending powerful threats to her enemies for them to leave her alone . Many times she was on the breach of death but the unknown savior was by her side .


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Unknown S...
by niyatastic