The Badass Mafia Qu...
By FtheUnKnOwN
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"Bang Bang, shoot your hate down, It's the Queen that holds the Crown". Raven Queen Relampago is a 12 year old who didn't really have a 12 y/o life, she's been through a lot because of her mum, but at least when she will meet her 6 brothers, her life is gonna get better, or that's what she thought. she's gonna grow up, but does that stop the problems from following her? I don't want to ruin the story so I'll stop here. For more make sure to read the whole story. • Please feel free to correct any mistake I might have done. Please don't forget to vote and comment. I will read all your comments and I'll for sure reply to them. Thank you! • I do NOT own any rights to these gifs or photos.


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The Badas...
by FtheUnKnOwN