Deceptional Beauty
By melodiyuh
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"It runs in the blood." That's the reason why Zefania Valencia grew up as an obese girl. Because her family has a history of obesity. But what makes her insecure is that one fact that none of her family inherited this traits from their blood She was the only one in her generation. She's a victim of discrimination and it was all thanks to all the fats in her body. From High School until she became a freshman college student, she's having a hard time seeking for true friend that won't treat her indifferently. In the University where she's studying, out of thousands of students, there is one good person who befriended her, Hayden Ferrera. Hayden was the only person who did not laugh on her body condition. He was the only one who comforted Zefania when she got rejected by her long-time crush, Alexis. At the end of their first semester, Zefania and their family mourned her grandma who passed away. In her stay to her grandma's house, Zefania found a vintage box. And on that box, there was a mystical ring that made biggest turn in her life. Every time she'll wear that ring, her body is changing, transforming into slender, more slimmer and curvy body she never had. And when they all cameback to University for their second semester, everyone was beyond surprised to meet a new Zefania. And the story of her deceptional beauty began.


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by melodiyuh