Slayer of Time (Dem...
By Miyamusubi
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Mizuki Amateratsu a modern day girl who's name means Beautiful Moon (Mizuki) and Sun Goddess (Amateratsu) who watched and read Demon Slayer. A girl who travels to an anime but yet travels further back in time of the Demon Slayer World. But never did she know that her summer exchange in Japan would lead her to a far away land that wasn't even modern Japan that she knew. From her life in America to olden day Japan. But not just the Japan that history knew... It was back where REAL demons roamed the lands. She finds herself in the Sengoku Era where she meets two young swordsmen. One who created the first breathing style and the other twin brother who aspires to be the best swordsman across the country. A story that completely changed, not just her life but others that she'll encounter. What happened to Mizuki and why was she in the Demon Slayer? Will she change the future of not only herself but those who's fate were sealed in writing? ~I do not own Demon Slayer or the characters (just my OC) owned by Koyoharu Gotouge~ ~Warning: There may be spoilers ~ *#1 in Yoriichi* *#1 in DemonslayerxOC* *#2 in KNY* *#1 in Tsugikuni *#3 in Mitusuri *#2 in Rengoku #97 in Kimitsunoyaiba

Chapter : (Chapter in the future)

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Slayer of...
by Miyamusubi