Broken Nightmare (B...
By Queen_AngelAce
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"His vitals are off the charts. Someone bring me some anesthetics!!" A nurse yelled. "Ace stay with me!!" Angel cried. I couldn't move. I couldn't focus on her. My vision was blurry. "Doctor, his heart rate is slowing down." A nurse said. "No no no!!" Angel cried. "Angel you have to stay back!!" Douglas said. "Stay with me kid!!" The doctor said. I couldn't feel anything. I could hear the heart monitor beeps slowing down. "No no Ace!!" Angel cried. "The defibrillator!! Hurry!!" The doctor yelled. Then my shirt was ripped open. Then I felt something cold on my chest. Then I felt electrical shocks go through my body. Then more shocks. My vision started to become darker and darker. I could feel my life slipping away. Then I saw a light. Then I could've sworn I heard the heart monitor flat line.

Chapter 1: New Friends

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Broken Ni...
by Queen_AngelAce