I Need You To Love...
By genwritesxo
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[PREVIEW] Together they are nothing more than madness, but they say there's always some madness in love. Six years have passed since he destroyed her life. Four years have passed since she's brought him to his knees. Ace became the youngest boxing champion in the world. He's dangerous, heartless, and always gets his way. Calla moved to New York to chase her career. She's driven, determined, and willing to do anything it takes to rise to her potential. That includes swallowing her past and interviewing the man she has avoided for almost half a decade. History repeats itself - secrets arise, deceptions consume, and a menacing enigma lingers. But, this time...the passion is steamier, the emotions intensify, and everything is at risk. Will the stars align, or is this the final push toward the closure they both sought?

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I Need Yo...
by genwritesxo