What Happened That...
By kaylajolivett
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Ellis Cooper, an incoming Junior in high school, faced the unthinkable this past summer. When all she'd thought was life couldn't get any better, one knock on the door had ruined it all. Losing both parents is something she'd never thought would happen so quickly. Being forced to live with her aunt Sara, she's now at a new school, a new town, with new people. Ellis encounters a new friend named Lisa Gibson, a High school Senior. Lisa introduces Ellis is to her senior friends where she meets Derick Henderson who is Lisa's boyfriend, and Jason Jones, Derick's best friend. When invited to a party she'd not wanted to go to; something happened to her, something she can't remember. And the only other person who knows what had happened is Jason. What happened that night? -------------------------------------------------------------------- *Mature* 17+ This is rated mature because of the following: - Foul language -Intimate scenes -Sensitive topics including; Sexual Assult, depression, self-harm. (If you are sensitive to any of these topics please do not read) *In no way do I, the author, promote or condone sexual assault or any non-consentual activities!* Lastly, All characters, plots, and locations are Fictional! *13 Reasons Why inspiration* ------------------------------------------------------------------- Begin date: June 5th, 2020 End date: *Ongoing*

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What Happ...
by kaylajolivett