Falling for Him
By flowergirl2o2
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"Did you love her?" I looked down not wanting to see the expression in his eyes. His warm hand gripped my chin and pulled it upwards. "Trust me Inaya, when I say this. You are the first and the last woman I'd ever love. You have no idea of the effect you have on me. The way you smile at the smallest things, the way your forehead creases when you're focusing too much or when you bite your lip in nervousness. I love each and everything about you." ~•~ After completing her medical, Inaya is getting married to Ahsan. But what happens when a change of events takes place and instead of Inayan Ahsan, she ends up as Inaya Zayaan? Four years ago, Zayaan saw a girl and ever since then, she was the only one he wanted. But he has a secret. What happens when he finally gets her somehow? Find out what happens as two strangers slowly fall in love. Will they have a happily ever after? *People from all over the world and religions are invited to join this journey of cliche romance:) Editing in process... #1 in muslim #8 in moving #2 in muslimlovestory #6 in wattpadromance #28 in wattpad

Welcome to my cliche world!

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Falling f...
by flowergirl2o2